An Act of Love

My friend suffered an unspeakable loss last week.  Her son shot and killed her husband, his father.

Just writing these words, I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. My heart aches so terribly for her.

Today friends are going to her home to clean.  The police have completed their investigation. Now there is blood to be scrubbed from the floorboards and bullet holes to be patched in the walls.

I wish I could help.

It is such a helpless feeling, to sit in my kitchen miles away, knowing there is work to be done.

I hate to wash my own floors, but I would wash hers for her, as an act of love.

Sometimes the hardest place to be is watching from afar, powerless to effect any change.  Imagine the Marys watching Jesus being crucified on the cross. How hopeless and helpless they must have felt!

And yet, I am not hopeless.

It is that great Hope that carries me forward.  I know what the Marys did not at that moment; Jesus lives.

Bill Gaither sang, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow..”.

And so can my friend.

She can face today, and tomorrow, and all the tomorrows that come, one after the other.

She has friends who will wash away the blood, and she has Blood washes over her in an Act of Love.

From a distance, I can pray. And pray and pray and pray. Because I am not hopeless or helpless. It is my act of love.


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