A Prayer for a True Spirit

This is from a book I picked up at the used bookstore last week. The book is called Think! Act! Pray! and was published in 1844.

O my God,
fix my heart,
my thoughts,
my hopes,
my desires,
upon heaven and heavenly things;

Teach me how to pray with sincerity,
how to hear with profit,
how to read with advantage,
and benefit by thy Holy word.

Keep alive in me,
O Lord,
a true spirit of devotion,
and preserve me from the great sin
of praying to thee with my lips only,
and not with my heart.

Do thou give me power from this time
to lead a new life,
to have a lively faith in thy mercies,
and to rest in charity with all men.

Deaden, O Lord,
my affections to the things of this present world,
and draw them to my Saviour.

Let me ever be looking
for the second advent of thy Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord,
and when he cometh,
Grant that I may be found watching,
and that I may receive thy eternal reward,
which my Saviour has gained for me:

Grant this, O Lord, for His sake.



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