The Beauty of Hebrew/The Beauty of New Names

Psalm 48, Isaiah 62, Hebrews 6

We are so blessed with all the information at our fingertips through the internet.  One of my favorite Bible study sites is Blue Letter Bible.  They have lexicons, concordances, commentaries and a variety of other study aids for the Bible.

In Isaiah 62:10 I knew I was missing something in my English translation.  It says,

Go through, go through the gates;
prepare the way for the people;
build up, build up the highway;
clear it of stones;
lift up a signal over the peoples.

But in Hebrew, it would read something like this —

עִבְר֤וּ עִבְרוּ֙ בַּשְּׁעָרִ֔ים פַּנּ֖וּ דֶּ֣רֶךְ הָעָ֑ם סֹ֣לּוּ סֹ֤לּוּ הַֽמְסִלָּה֙ סַקְּל֣וּ מֵאֶ֔בֶן הָרִ֥ימוּ נֵ֖ס עַל־ הָעַמִּֽים׃

with the English transliteration sounding something like this (from Blue Letter Bible)

‘abar ‘abar sha’ar
panah derek ‘am
calal calal mecillah
caqal ‘eben
ruwm nec ‘am

Or, because I don’t know Hebrew (much as I wish I did) the English transliteration may sound like this (from — I took transliterations from two different sites…)

iv·ru iv·ru ba·she·’a·rim
pan·nu de·rech ha·’am
sol·lu sol·lu ham·sil·lah
sak·ke·lu me·’e·ven
ha·ri·mu nes al-ha·’am·mim

There’s a beauty in the words themselves – assonance, rhythm, rhyme – that we miss in the English.

But Isaiah 62 is about new names — “Forsaken” becomes “My Delight is in Her” and “Desolate” becomes “Married” (verse 4).  Then again in in verse 10, more new names — “The Holy People” “The Redeemed of the Lord” “Sought Out” and “A City Not Forsaken.”

I do love the way God changes names of people as He makes us new. Abram becomes Abraham.  Jacob becomes Israel.  Saul becomes Paul.  What is my God-given name?




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